Schools out……for the summer!🎤

It breaks our hearts to see these kids growing up so fast! Time is flying by, these kids amaze us every single day and we couldn’t be more proud of them! It is so fun to see their little minds learn and grow every day!


Ryler finished up second grade this year! He had Mrs. Ross. He is so smart! He learned so much this year about the Westward Expansion, Civil War, and learned some multiplication. He loves P.E. and is so good at math!


Krew loved first grade! He loved his teacher Mrs. Reeve. He loved getting to spend all day at school, eating lunch at the school and having 3 recesses! He learned so much math and his reading improved soooo much! He loved learning about Ancient Egypt, and going on field trips! Probably his least favorite day of school was field day where he broke his clavicle.


Brexsen started his first year of preschool this year! He was so shy at first, but quickly came to love his teacher Mrs. Diaz. She was so sweet and patient with him. She said he was the most helpful all year! He was quick to make friends and knows all of his letters and sounds!

To watch Brexsens graduation watch this video:

To watch the Ryler and Krew’s last day watch this video:

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