Brexsen Graduates and Hazyl’s Fashion Show

Congrats, Brex!

He had an incredible teacher for his first year of preschool, Mrs. Diaz. She was so patient and loving, the whole class loved her!

Brexsen did SUCH a great job singing his song and asking everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  He is a very shy boy but was so brave and did awesome!

He was lucky enough to have both papa’s there to support him!

The Hazy Show

      .     . .    .

This little girl sure knows how to steal the show. She is such a ham and loves to be in front of the camera! She has such a fun spunky personality and she is so fun to shop for!

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  • Hi
    My name is Lynette, I am from South Africa and i love watching you guys. U rock!!!! I cannot wait to watch your daily vlog. You have a awesome family that includes everyone in your family. Hope you can come visit our country some day.