Gym Bag Essentials!

I am so happy to have you guys here with us! Okay, so I still have to laugh that I am the person writing this blog post. If you’ve known me for longer than 2 years you know that I am SO not the workout type. I literally have never worked out a day in my life until I was about 32. Seriously! So when you think something might not be for you just think of cute little me starting to workout for the first time. I’ve done some little Zumba or aerobic classes here and there but truly never worked out! So this has been a journey for me and a journey I have loved! I started running about 2 years ago and learned after about a year that I wanted my WHOLE body to be strong, not just my legs, from running. Problems then came up of when would I work out and what do I do???

Over time things just came together and I educated myself. It’s definitely a journey, and one that I have SO much more to learn! The biggest thing is that I started, what is the saying? Oh, yeah…

You don’t have to workout to become a fitness model but just to make your body and (for me) my mind stronger! Working on you (and your body) is sooo mental I can’t even describe how much it has helped me believe in ME!

In a video I did for Mindy’s Best, I talked about all the things I take in my gym bag. Things that I use every time I go and things I need for those ‘just in case’ situations. Here is a run down on the things in my video if you wanted them for reference.

Apple Watch-This is a series 3 for a killer deal! It will do everything you need it to! Mine is the 4 and does the exact same things.

AirPods Pro-totally worth the extra little bit of money. They won’t fall out of your ears.


Jabra Headphones-These ones are a cheaper price point but stay in your ear!


Gym Bag-This is the one I have but in black. I couldn’t find mine anymore. A backpack style would be great too!


Booty bands-These are awesome. I use the pink one the most!

Resistance Bands-These are great too. Little stretchier and great for arm workouts too!

Water Bottle I love that I can squirt this into my mouth!


Accessory bag This holds all the things!

Weights Great for at home workouts, all sizes available.


Microfiber Towel THE BEST sweat towel!


Nike socks-I wear these almost every day!


Yoga Mat




Ponytail Headband to keep ears warm

Three pack because you will sweat in these and need to be washed often.



Okay folks, that pretty much covers it! If there is anything I missed please comment down below and I will make the adjustments I need to! Whatever your workout journey looks like- walking, jogging, running or sprinting just remember to do your BEST! I hope you were able to get some answers to some questions you may have had.



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  • Hi Mindy!

    The Lululemon headband with the ponytail hole that you showed in the YouTube video looked like a great item for cold weather days like we’ve been having lately! Would you be able to include it in the post please?

    Thanks so much!