HAST Swim Team

Ryler started HAST swim team today! He is such a stud and so great at swimming! We have tried every sport in the book: soccer, flag football, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball and he has never liked anything more than he is liking swim! I definitely think it takes time to figure out what they like and what they do well in but he has finally found his niche.  Swimming gives him such discipline, especially since he starts swim at 6:30 in the morning. Ryler wakes up at 6am three times a week to get up and ready.  He is going to do good things with this new team!

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  • Mindy as the boys went in to school today you told them to make good choices! That gave me cold chills! What a awesome mom you are!

  • Mindy & Branden – you are correct that being on a swim team fosters discipline. Because of the time commitment for practice and swim meets, swimmers become great at budgeting their time when it comes to doing schoolwork and other home responsibilities (well, maybe it will take a while with a 3rd grader, but time will tell). I have been a swim coach for more than 20 years, and I have seen many kids that choose swimming after trying what I call “ball” sports. Some kids just don’t develop a love for them, but swimming is different (no ball), and it is more of an individual sport. You are responsible for your own success (not what other kids are doing with the ball around you), and some kids just like that type of motivation. Good Luck, Ryler, and I know I will enjoy watching you swim this season.

  • Go Ryler, sport is great for self discipline I love how you do so much with your kids, I did with mine and it’s helped them be more organised and they both encourage their own kids to take part in out of school activities, my daughter was a good swimmer to she swam for the school, the district and the county, she also swam for the Air Cadets swim team as well as netball and athletics, my son is into boxing and martial arts, rugby and soccer, thanks for sharing your family time with us we love you all😘😋😁👍🏼

  • Good going stud👍swim like a fish 🐠wishing you luck for all your swimming competitions.Somebody might have said it before but he looks like Footballer Ronaldo😍

  • I’ve been watching for awhile and your family makes me so happy. I was in swim lessons from a young age and love that Ryler is loving swimming so much!

  • that is so cool that ryler does swim team I do it to!he is awsome at it keep up the good work P.S.I watch your videoes everyday and they make me put a big smile on my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!