Holiday Wishlist 2019

The holidays are here and you have no idea what to buy, right? I have taken the time to gather all of our favorite things and also everything that is on our wishlists this year! Some years I really get stuck on what to buy my kids and family. There have been years where we go pretty minimal on presents and give them experiences-like a trip or tickets to shows, concerts, or plays. Whatever it is that you do, make sure it is something that fits your child or person you’re shopping for. Get creative and get excited! I love giving gifts, I have found over the years it is one of my love languages. I love the thoughtfulness of finding the perfect gift for someone. So here we go, its almost December and sales are hitting so lets find the PERFECT gift!!!

You can click on any of the pictures or the links and it ill take you to the website to buy it.

For the kids….

One thing I love is getting my kids out and being active, I love getting them a scooter, bike or anything that will get them outdoors. We bought this Pro Scooter for Brexsen’s birthday and it is a great Christmas gift.

If you’re not wanting a ‘Pro’ scooter and are wanting a lower price point this Razor Scooter from Target!


A Hoverboard is a great and fun idea too, as long as you don’t mind the kids using them in the house for the winter! lol! its honestly not that bad and my kids love theirs. This is at the top of Brexsens Christmas list. This is the one Krew has and it has been great quality!

This is at the top of most kids wish lists this year, it’s bound to be a super fun toy for kids. This Nintendo Switch Lite can be taken on the go and will keep kids entertained anywhere!


Have you seen those awesome cars that can drive on walls? This Air Hogs Zero Gravity car is amazing and can do all the things!




At the top of every little girls wishlist is a Barbie dream house. This is the one Hazyl is hoping that Santa brings her! It so cute and she is loving the whole barbie world!American Girl dolls are a huge hit at Christmas time and they can be bought to look just like the child. They can break the bank though, Target offers a great solution…The Our Generation dolls, huge price difference and same fun doll! They have all the accessories to go with them too!

Every little girl loves to cook and bake with momma, so I added an Easy Bake Oven to the list. I can’t wait to get Hazyl one of these!! It reminds me of mu childhood, in fact all these gift do!!

Frozen 2 is such a craze right now and after seeing the movie, I completely get it. These Anna and Elsa dolls are too cute!



Hazyl absolutely loves her Pretend Play toys and this one covers all the bases with the phone, makeup, credit card, and car keys!

My kids have had this Aqua Mat and it is amazing! No messes and it only requires water. Its perfect for toddlers! Their creativity and imagination can go on for hours!My niece got this cute Disney Necklace set and it was such a fun activity for her and Hazyl. They loved creating something of their own and wearing it was the cherry on top!Even though the little ones really only like to play with the boxes and wrapping paper they also need something fun to play with! This VTech Turn and Learn toy gives them all the sounds and things to push and play with.


The bright colors and shapes of this Baby’s first block set it too cute to pass up and such a good deal!

I about died when I saw this Baby Shark book! This is a staple song in our house and for fun for little tikes!!

For the Teens…



The Polaroid Instax is so fun for teens! The kids love it. Taking pictures with friends and hanging them up in their room will be their new favorite thing.

Any girl is going to love this awesome light up mirror for getting ready in the morning!! Its portable and can go wherever you travel too!

For the child who loves to sing their heart out and have lots of fun nights with their friends this Wireless Bluetooth Microphone is too cool!

Every teenager is wanting AirPods right now. It’s the hit gift this year, since they released the newest ones it makes these ones much cheaper!!

I found these amazing leopard vans and they are so stinkin cute! They would be cute for any teen or momma!

This charging dock is great for the teens(or adults) that have all the different technology!


Now if you’ve gotten this far you’re wondering what you should get your husband or yourself right??

For the ladies!

Is an ice maker really a gift idea? Yes, yes it is. I got this one and I’ve used it for about a week now and I absolutely love it.

Another kitchen gadget? Well this one is a necessity for cooking. Pancakes, cupcakes, making jam, I use it all the time. This pancake pourer is the greatest kitchen tool I have.

These Ray Ban Sunny’s are so fun! I lost my last glasses and have been on the look out for new ones. I would love to snag a pair of these!

For the men…

Any guy wants to capture the awesome and epic things he does. We love our GoPro Hero 8!

This is the wallet Branden uses and it is small, keeps everything he needs and hasn’t lost anything out of it.

This Carhart Beanie will make any dude look awesome!

One last and final gift idea for any man/teenage boy(they all act the same right?) the XBOX one, is an amazing gift they’ll love.


Here are our favorite gift ideas this year! Most of these are Amazon Prime so there is still time to get them!! Check them out and let me know in the comments below what is on your Christmas list!

A couple Christmas reminders when shopping for those we love. Don’t spend more than you have. The gift you’re giving doesn’t need to break the bank. It’s the thought that counts!  Secondly, take time to think of what the person is like and what they would use, make the gift meaningful!

A great gift idea for anyone is always an Amazon gift card!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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  • Hi Mindy! I really love the new blog! I have only recently started reading your blogs but I have been subscribed and watching the vlogs since ‘hawowii’. I love your family so much and Ryler, Krewe, Brexsen, Hazyl and Madi feel like my siblings. I love you guys so much and keep doing what you love as it will give you great rewards. Hope you had an amazing Christmas and have an amazing new year. I really hope you get to 1 million soon! Love from all the way in England. 🥰🥰😘