Meeting The Gardner Quad Squad

Meeting the most adorable quadruplets on planet earth! Today started out epic and it just didn’t quit! A fun and sun-filled day that ended with some quality time at the park with some new friends. Between the two of us there were eight crazy kids, so you can image the circus it was! We brought along a handful of GoPro cameras to get everyone’s perspective and I think it’s safe to say we all had a blast!

This won’t be the last time you see them here!



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  • I love the Gardner’s and I am so thankful that they met you guys! I watch each of your vlogs every day and they make me laugh, smile and give me a jumpstart to the day!! Thanks for being great examples for living life and being great people!


  • This was the vlog that started me on my “this is how we Bingham” journey. You’re family is such a joy to watch. I’m so glad that you contacted the Gardner’s and got together with them that day. You’re family has put a smile on my face every day since. Thank you

  • Awesome where would I get a go pro that attaches around you like that or the hand held ones in Canada? I’m legally blind and mobility impaired and I blog as much as I can.