Who Are The Binghams?

Get to know the Binghams! Our family consists of 7 family members and a furry friend! Branden and Mindy- We are the parents, okay Mindy is the parent! Branden acts like an energetic 5 year old most of the time. But we love this quality about him! We have been married for 11 years. We met in 2005 at the University of Utah while going to school. Mindy was studying Meteorology and Branden was studying Communications. He graduated from the U of U with a B.S. in Communications. We got married in Salt Lake City and have loved being married since. Branden brought his beautiful almost 2 year old princess to the marriage, so that meant Mindy would be a step-mom right away! This was a little scary for her as we got married when she was 19.

The relationship between Mindy and Madison has been flawless! Madison lives with her mom in California. About 2 years into being married we decided it was time to grow our family. After many prayers we welcomed our sweet Ryler to the family! He is the sweetest little boy and the one who our next 3 would call oldest bro. A little less than 2 years after that we had our sweet Krew! He was the happiest little baby and Ryler and Madi just loved him! Mindy was now the mom of two boys! A little over 2 years later we had yet another BOY, Brexsen! WOW! We were shocked! Our two older boys couldn’t have been more excited to have another boy in the family! After more prayers and a short struggle to get pregnant we found out we were pregnant again! Sadly, Mindy miscarried, but very shortly after we found out we were expecting our sweet Hazyl.

She is the light of  the family! She has every single one of us wrapped around her finger! Just a few short months after we had our sweet Hazy we found our Lazzy! Found frozen in the snow, he was rescued and resuscitated by Branden’s brother and he is now our furry friend! Shortly after having Hazy, the time came for us to move! We had outgrown our little townhouse and found the beautiful house we call home now! Life has been so good to us and we are so grateful! Of course, it hasn’t been without its trials and struggles but together as a family we can do anything! Our family is just the right mix of chaos & love and This Is How We Bingham!!

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    • I love your guys channel and your guys story about your family growing and growing I love watching you guys And i can not stop watching your guys adventures they look fun and I wish I lived in Utah.

  • Hey Binghams,
    I just want to say that you guys are the best family out there in the YouTube world, proving that there is some positivity in life and that you can do many things and have fun. Love you guys and your kids. You guys are the absolute best when it comes to having a great day. Mindy, you are the best at vlogging, cooking, and etc. Branden, you are the best at creating the most savage and great content out there, with all the great energy and efforts to specifically make videos every day. I really like the way you edit your videos. Hopefully, you guys can come to LA sometime and visit me and say hi one day.

    • Dear the Bingham family,
      I hope you are all having a great day today and I am a big fan I watch your YouTube vids all of the time.

      Your Fan,
      Auttem S.

  • I just love the whole family. I have cool names for my kids when i have them. One is Tyler Steven. Two is Angelina Marie. Three is Jayson Kenton. Four is Sage Riley. I have been watching since you told the kids you all were going to Hawaii.

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    I placed an order #3593 at the beginning of december and I have not received it yet. I am wondering if I will receive it by December 24th since it is a Christmas gift.

    I have noticed that I didn’t enter correctly my email address therefore, I have not received any information or confirmation regarding my order.

    Would you kindly rectify my email address and send me an update regarding my order?

    Thank you!

    Edith Plante

  • Hi Mindy I’ve been watching your channel for over 2 years now and can I just say that you are the best mom and Branden is so nice to the kids I hope you see this

  • you are the best people ever. you seem so sweet and also your family too. I watch your videos every day when I have time and it just makes me so happy. I love what you do and just keep doing it! I was so happy when i found your channel about 2 years ago and it really is the best channel that I watch. keep at it and thank you I love you!!!

    • Dear Bingham fam, Before I say anything you guys are no doubt the best YouTube family. I’m 13 years old and your boys have most interest I have so I enjoy watching the even more. I think it is so cool you make a family blog and you inspire other people to try it to. Everyone in you family is so sweet and I wish the best year to you in 2020

  • I really love your travel Vlogs and also your vlogs that you put on youtube
    it brings my joy that you guys have a huge and happy and joyful family.

  • Hi Bingham Family My name is Jake Fortin And i am 26 years old i am also Special needs but besides that the way to make me feel better when i am down i turn you guys on i love you Guys So So So Much Your All amazing Including Ryler Madison Krew And Brandon and Everyone Else you all have made me Laugh so much i sometimes cant hold Tears back either I am From a Small Time in Michigan Called Sanford Michigan Lots of Success
    Jake Fortin of Michigan

  • Just wanted to tell you I love you guys! I suffer from deep depression and it really brightens my spirits when I am able to live vicariously through you. God bless your wonderful and beautiful family. ☺ Gina S. Bismarck ND

  • Just want to say you’re the one show I let my kids follow on you tube and my five year old always asks when he can meet you guys. He wants to dress like your boys and loves dirt bikes and any chance for adventure. Thanks for keeping it clean and giving us a show we can watch as a family when we want a little entertainment. Keep loving each other and enjoying your adventures!!

  • My doughter bella is 10 turning 11 on may 19,2009 and she wanted you to now that you are amazing and awesome and she wanted me to tell you that you are worth it

  • Hi this is Michael Emsley I am a big fan of your channel I love watching krew race in motocross I hope you are doing good during the virus’s outbreak I hope it’s all over soon I wish you all the best year ever

  • Hey Bingham family,
    I am a huge fan I love all your videos Hazey is so cute and funney, Brex is so sweete, Crew is really tough, Ryler is sweete kind and he looks after his siblings, me and Ryler are the same age. I hope yall are doing really good.

  • Your my favourite youtubers I love all your videos and I cant pick even 1 there all to good and that text was the sweetest thing ever

  • Hi my name is Ryan, i’m 12 years old and I have watched you guys for so long and I love the work that you guys put into this. Keep up the hard work Bingham’s!

  • Hey Binghams you guys are MY FAVORITE YouTubers in the world! And I just wanted to say that I hope you have a great day and I love you guys God bless hazzy,brexson,Maddy, Brendon, Mindy, krew, ryler. 🤙🤘🤞✌️😇😁❤️

  • Hello,
    I just want to say hi and I would like to talk over youtube because I want to make my own youtube channel I don´t know how you want to talk maybe over the phone or over zoom or whatever you guys use.

    Thanks, Yor Big Fan

  • Are you guys going to be replenishing your merch anytime soon? My son’s bday is coming up and he has been begging for a sweatshirt! Thanks.

  • My grand daughter loves you guys and she wants one of your tshirts for her bday. Will you be getting more of them anytime soon?

  • I wanted to say how impressed and grateful I am to your family for providing a family friendly show that allows me to bond with my 5 year old special needs daughter, Isabella. Isabella was diagnosed with selective mutism early on and does not speak to most of the world but when I play your show before bedtime, I see her laugh and smile and those are the best moments of my day! I also wanted to say how much your humility and gratitude impresses me. I love that you share with viewers that you haven’t always been able to go on expensive trips to Hawaii and that your married life has had its ups and downs but together you’ve persevered. Don’t ever stop being real and relatable, viewers appreciate hearing those sorts of things- I know I do. Thank you for everything!

  • yall are so awesome , I bet maddy is ready for college n come to Utah , Mindy seem like u have a good bond with maddy, the boys n n hazyl love her n I love the one where hazy was upset when her big sister had to go home

  • Hi Bingham family – I started watching your channel about a year ago. I love it so much. I always get a laugh from something one of you say and I greatly appreciate it! I want to know if you will be getting more 3X tshirts in. I want to order one. Please let me know

  • Hi Bingham’s

    You all are the best. I love watching your vlogs.

    Your children are so beautiful

    From Leanne ADAMS from London England

  • HI!! I am such a big fan!!! I am so sorry about Laz I love yalls fam hazel the cutest ever!!!! Ryler cool!!! maddie awesome!!!! and I love yalls fam!!! I watch yalls YouTube so awesome just wanted to say hi!