Chicken Pesto Pasta

I had to share this recipe because we make it enough that it has become a family favorite! I decided the other night that I was going to spend some time making a meal plan. I have been getting frustrated that I don’t have set meals on the calendar. While I am in the middle of eating one meal, I’m already starting to worry about the next days meals. I need to have a little relief from that. I decided to ask the kids what their favorites were and I decided to rotate some of them and occasionally throw in some new ideas. I already feel the relief from that. Sometimes the extra work in the beginning is worth it in the end. I already cant wait until next week to plan the next round of meals.

This particular meal was one of Hazyl’s requests and it is SO good. Tonight Ryler went back for thirds he loved it so much! Nothing makes me more excited than to see they loved one of my meals! Maybe its one of those weird mom things!

Here is the recipe for you to try this amazingly delicious Chicken Pesto Pasta. Let me know if you try it and if you love it as much as we do!

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