Sugar Cookie Bars

Are you ready for the best little treat of your life? Okay that might be a slight exaggeration but these are so good and so easy! I made these bars once before but its been years and I can’t figure out why I haven’t made them more! This will now be at the top of my list.

I made these because I was taking a meal into friend and I wanted the dessert to have a bigger WOW factor than a cookie. These were just as much effort and looked so pretty. She told me how much her and her kids loved them and I was over the moon about that!

There are a couple little things that I should mention with this recipe. Most frosting recipes call for milk, I always like to use heavy whipping cream, it just makes it so much better! It makes them creamier! That is right up my alley! I also love to use very pigmented food coloring. I use these that I got from amazon. I learned about these from my friend Stephanie who makes sugar cookies for a living. It makes your frosting so vibrant and beautiful.

Another tip to avoid having to spray the bottom of your cookie sheet is to use these silpat liners. I have noticed my cookie sheets get really gross from spraying non stick cooking spray on them. I’ve made a goal to always use these. Just a suggestion, not a requirement. They’re great for using with cookies too!

Okay so now for the recipe! I’ll put it here for you.

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