DIY Soda Shop

Ooooookay people I need you to understand one thing! I LOVE MY SODA! That may be an understatement. It feels like my little treat during the day! I feel being a wife and mother and now TEACHER, I deserve it 😂  Some of you may not drink soda. I have been in phases where I didn’t drink soda either. While I was nursing and pregnant with babies I didn’t drink soda or caffeine at all.  I also like lemonade options or infused water! At this current phase of my life, soda is life! I try to drink 32 oz of water to one can of soda.  Best rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day! Now don’t get the idea that I drink 4 cans of soda a day, I will only drink one or one and a half. I love to add a lot of ice so it really cuts down on the amount of soda that I drink. I mean I would, but I try to keep a healthy mindset 😆

Some of you may know that here in Utah there are soda shops EVERYWHERE. As many Starbucks as you have, we have soda shops. When I travel I am always disappointed to see that they don’t have these kind of places like we do. It can also get very costly to go grab a soda everyday so I have decided to make them at home and it has really cut down on my drink runs! A soda usually runs around $2.50 but the other part of this madness is the soda shops around here make THE most delicious cookies. Like….So. Dang. Good!!! But then after you add a cookie on top it’s around $5+… not bad for one day, but after you’ve been there 6x week it can add up (calories too). 😂 Trust me I know from experience.  I still go to my favorite shops. I won’t ever stop but I just don’t go every day anymore. 😆 If you come to Utah you need to hit up Sodalicious, Swig, or Fiiz, they’re all so yummy.

I have started collecting all the flavors and soda necessities to make my own and I’m excited to share some of my ideas and recipes with you. I have tried several flavors and really learned what I love and what I think goes well together. Branden and I both like VERY different flavors so it was fun mixing up a few drink flavors for him too!! Are you a creamy, fruity or tart drink kind of lover? Did you even know there were so many possibilities? All of you that have been drinking regular soda, I’m so sorry. You will now all be educated on the happiness that soda can bring you!

I have a few recipes I wanted to share to let you all in on the know of my favorite recipes. I know several recipes but I will share only our top favorites get some syrups and try it out to see what is your favorite!!


Dr. Lime

Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke

3 squirts of coconut

1/2 lime squeezed into soda

Dr. Raspberry Cream

Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke

2 Tbsp Raspberry puree

3 pumps coconut or vanilla syrup

2 Tbsp heavy whipping cream

Bahama Mama

Mountain Dew or Lemonade, fresca, or sprite

2 squirts strawberry syrup

2 squirts peach syrup

1/2 fresh lime


The supplies!

Where do I  buy these supplies?

There are endless possibilities to what kind of soda combinations you can make. I find all of my syrups on Amazon and found all the details for you!

First you have to start with pebble ice! I get a lot of questions where I got my ice maker…I’ve linked it here for you here so you can get all the enjoyment of little tiny pebble shaped ice! And yes, it’s worth it. I got mine on a great black friday sale!

Here is the sugar free coconut syrup.

Here is the sugar free vanilla syrup.

Here is a pack of all my favorite sugar free syrups– four flavors-Strawberry, peach, coconut and raspberry.

I love the puree’s in the drinks, it gives it that real fruit flavor! Here is a great raspberry puree.

They don’t come with pumps, so here are the pumps I have for my syrups.

I also have these 32 oz cups that fit a can and a lot of ice perfectly, or a can and a half and a fair amount of ice.

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  • I am so happy you provided this to us!!! I am from CT and we sadly don’t have any fun soda places like you guys do in Utah, so when I see swig in videos, I craveee what they look like!! I am so stoked for this!!!

  • Loved this blog! I never thought of mixing some cool flavors together because we don’t have soda shops where I live! Now I want a cool soda! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m so excited to try this! I live in PA and we don’t have any fun soda places like you guys do so I’m really excited to try some new fun flavors ! These pictures make it even more exciting to try! Love you guys!


  • In my area (CA) you can buy the syrups from Smart and Final. The pumps too. Every time I make it to Phoenix I stop by Sodalicious.

  • Hi. I recently just subscribed to your channel on YouTube. I like the video where the children are playing their “Extreme game of hide and go seek” around your house. I am only in high school! My sister and I would go play hide and go seek in our neighborhood outside, it was lots of fun.I love the soda shop idea. My dad does something sort of similar but set up the way you did it. Utah weather seems better than Texas weather.

  • Oh my gosh I miss the soda shops in Utah. I’m in Orlando and we have nothing like this. Do you have the recipe for the captain jack sparrow ?

  • You gave some recipes but I couldn’t find where you said how much soda you started with. Could you let me know to how much Diet Coke you add 3 squirts of coconut. Thanks!