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Happy New Year!!

As we head into the new year I know a lot of us have a lot of goals we would like to work on. Some of us have some physical goals we would like to work on, as well. One of mine is being active and toning my muscle. This might sound silly but one of my favorite parts of working out are the cute clothes. I do love a good workout and it makes me feel good but I thought I could share some of my favorite clothes with you that I wear when working out!

One bit of advice when working out is to make your goals achievable. It’s great to have lofty goals but it doesn’t feel good when we can’t achieve them. This last year I wanted to make a goal of running a half marathon. Guess what? I did it, and then eventually (walked) a full marathon! I felt so happy and so fulfilled. I knew a half marathon was reachable for me. Im so grateful I pushed myself and achieved the goal. Whatever your goals are, make them specific and something that makes you better!


I have a few tops I love, and I love them all for different reasons. They all need to be sweat wicking and make me feel comfortable and are full coverage. I don’t love the cropped tops, I don’t feel comfortable in them. Maybe one day but right now I keep it to a basic tank and sometimes I tuck the front it, to be a little less baggy!

My first favorite is the Cool racerback Tank top from Lulu, I wear this one almost everyday! Its sweat wicking and fits really well, has a variety of colors and you can rarely tell that I am breaking a sweat!

Another favorite that has more coverage in the back is the Sculpt tank from Lulu. It is breathable and very flattering.I love this one a lot, it also comes in a lot of colors. This one I usually tuck because it isn’t as form fitting.

Athleta also has a lot of fun pieces, I’ve come to love their brand a lot! This particular one is the Renew Racerback, I love the material and it is very flattering on. I would suggest sizing up one size. I buy this in a large, but I do love it! I just saw they have a cute bright pink one I’m going to add to my cart!

Another good one I wear a lot from Athleta is the Momentum Top, it is sweat wicking and has great coverage and comes in some super fun colors.

I have found amazon also has several good ones! I have this one and it is similar to the sculpt tank but it ties in the back! Its very cute! This Breezy Feeling tank is very flattering on anyone because you have the ability to tighten or loosen it by tying it!

This one is amazing, if you are smaller busted and don’t need as much of a sports bra or want it for yoga this one is for you. It has a built in bra that is very comfortable. The Seamless workout tank has removable cups too.



I feel like the pants you wear working out are VERY important. Not as important as your shoes but as far as clothing goes, this is the most important for me. I have bought sooo many pants and end up trying them once and never wearing them again. Save your money and learn form my experience, I have found a few favorites that I just love!

Let me explain my pant issue… If I’m running outdoors and am using my Running belt I like a different pair of pants for that versus a gym class or treadmill running. Its all in the material for me. Yes, I know I’m a total weirdo when it comes to this but it’s very important for me.

My favorite outdoor running pants are the Wunder Train pants, the material works nicely with my running belt and keeps everything in place. They are sweat wicking, dont have pockets but the material is soooo good.

Another great option in a similar fabric is the Ultimate Stash Pocket Capri. It has great material just like the one above but has pockets on the side if you prefer to not wear a belt. the fabric is also buttery soft.

For running both inside and outside as well as classes I also fell in love with these Quick Dry shorts from amazon last year and I have several pair. These have underwear built into them so no need to wear added layers. I don’t love short shorts and these have a 4″ inseam so they have more coverage instead of being booty shorts. Nobody wants to see that, lol.

If you’re looking for a little longer short I love these Align shorts, they are a tight fit but buttery soft and feel amazing to wear! You pretty much feel naked in them without being naked. 😉  I have bought them in a few different colors now too. They have a 6″ inseam and have a high rise waist. They’re perfect, I also love the  Align Pants to wear daily.

For running inside on a treadmill or ANY workout my favorite pants are the Fast and Free pants. Oh they’re just too good, they are high rise and have pockets. I wear these most days, because they are very comfortable. These also have pockets in the waistband so if you ran with minimal things you could stick your car keys or something small in those pockets. Amazon also has a pair of pants that are almost identical to these for a fraction of the cost. They are the Naked feeling Leggings. They have all the same features, and a lot of prints too!



This is the most important part of anything you’ll wear when working out. You want to protect your body from and all you do by wearing good shoes. I have very specific running shoes and other workout shoes that I rotate between. My favorite brand of shoes to run in is the Altra’s. I’ve had a couple pairs of them now and I just love them. They have a wide toe box, which I need. I’ve had 4 foot surgeries due to having bunions at a super young age. For me to run feels like a miracle, I’m grateful for every step I take. Shoes are typically pretty pricey, I feel like its worth it because my feet carry my body everyday. I want to take good care of them. So if there is one area to splurge on, it’s your shoes

The best shoe for running is the Ultra Paradigm 6, I have tried all brands and I love these the most. I feel like I am running on clouds. The cushion is top notch, it creates a low impact landing.

For workouts and classes at the gym I also love the On shoes! I bought a new pair recently right before Disneyland and I took them out of the box and wore to the airport. They were amazing, my feet felt amazing the whole trip! The Cloudflyer shoe is my favorite and I recently bought it for my husband. He loves them just as much!


Accessories, Etc.

Headbands to keep your hair out of your face.

Ponytail holders to hold your hair back- The. Best. I’ve tried so many! These are so awesome! I just ordered some more when I looked these up.

AirPod Pro’s to keep your mood up on your workouts- honestly I cant workout without these. Period.

Apple Watch to track your progress. If you run outside its important to have cellular if you don’t take your phone. You need to be safe.

Sunblock if working out outside to keep the skin protected. Clear and not greasy. I found it this last year and its awesome!

Long sleeve for working out outside if it gets a little cold.



I just want to end this blog post by saying that I workout to feel my best, I am in the greatest shape of my life and I’m not a size 0, 2, 4, or even a 6. Most things I wear an 8 or a 10. This is where my body likes to be and I don’t try to be “skinny.” Can we please stop with that? Love your body, it is incredible what our bodies are capable of. We need to love and appreciate them for what they can do! Love YOU and love YOUR BODY When working out just DO YOUR BEST, thats’ all you can do and IT IS ENOUGH. You are all beautiful! Please make whatever goals or do whatever you have to, to see that! everyone is different and beautiful in their own way!


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