Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Starting off July with the first of many birthdays in the Bingham household, BRANDEN!!! He is the best daddy, an even better husband and one hard workin’ dude! Happy 39th birthday to Branden! We have spent the day spoiling him and letting him get some much needed rest!  The best gift he could have ever been given was to spend the day with Madi! Thankfully she flew in yesterday and we are spending the next 12 days with her!!

Branden works a full time job and works tirelessly throughout the night to produce a video for you all every day! He is driven and motivated at everything he does! We have loved having him home spending some quality time with us today!!

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  • Happy Happy Birthday Branden! Glad Madi is home for your birthday. Much love to everyone

  • Happy birthday Branden your an amazing person! Your family is so cute thank you for always starting my morning off with a laugh…

  • Happy Birthday Brendan! Love your energy and positivity in all your family videos. So enjoy watching all you Binghams, your zest for life and love and respect for each other. Your videos have motivated me to work even harder on being a patient and respectful mum to my own four children who are my whole world and almost the same ages as yours. You and Mindy are fantastic parents and an inspiration! Enjoy your Birthday with your lovely family. Lots of Love from Wiltshire /UK

  • I found your family on You Tude and now an avid fan! The love you all show each other has made me want to be a Bingham! The positive vides really make my days and sleepless nights! Branden when you broke your leg and still stayed so positive really amazed me! Thanks to all of you for sharing you journey with me and millions of others! God bless you all!

  • Manuia (ma-new-ia) le aso (aw-so) fanau (fa-now) just realized this blog lol. Anyway I enjoy today’s video n I will always enjoy many more to come. When are you gonna post how you did the cake cause oh em gee 🤤🤤🤤 it look yummy!!! Anyways my Bingham family you have a good one n can’t wait to see the next blog.

  • Branden, I just realized that you were born just before the 4th because you ARE a firecracker! I love your enthusiasm for life, your love of your family, your faith, and your compassion. It was heartwarming to feel your emotion after the tragedy in Vegas. I could feel your pain and appreciate your emotional honesty. Thank you! You and your sweet family bring so much joy to my life.xo