My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I am not a huge believer in having a million small kitchen appliances but there are a few gadgets that I absolutely love and can’t live without. I wanted to share a few with you. Some may seem very unnecessary and you may wonder why in the world I love it, but hopefully after this you will see just why I love it and why I think it would be great for your kitchen.

I don’t like things to take up a ton of space, so most of these will take up a small amount of space but make a big difference and make your life easier. All but one of these gadgets are under $12, and can make great gifts for friends, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (meat tenderizer) or for yourself. We all deserve a little treat every once in a while. These are not in any particular order, I love them all the same!


My favorite kitchen gadgets!

The Chop Wizard

The first one I want to share with you is the Chop Wizard. Oh my goodness The Chop Wizard! I first found this little guy four Thanksgivings ago. We were staying up in Bear lake at a cabin and my sister-in-law Lindsay and I were in charge of stuffing. She found the best recipe, but it required a lot, and I mean A LOT of chopping. Not just chopping any ol’ veggie either…ONIONS! The worst thing in the world to chop. My in-laws had brought this little Chop Wizard and it made life so much easier. I sliced a thin slice of onion and it chopped it up into all these beautiful small pieces. We kept stealing it from them, and they kept stealing it from us. I use it with everything that I need chopped small, because it takes about two seconds and it’s so much easier. There are two different sizes of blades to chop very small or medium. If you cook a lot this would make a world of difference for you and save you so much time.

Pancake Batter Dispenser

Do you love to make pancakes? Love muffins? Making jam? How about cupcakes?  I introduce you to the Pancake batter dispenser. This one little gadget makes it all easier. I was gifted one of these years ago by my mom and it has been a game changer for a lot of things I make. The one I use it for the most is pancakes. You know how every time you have a drizzle of where you went from the bowl to the griddle when making pancakes? That won’t happen anymore! Your cupcakes won’t have batter all over your pan anymore because it comes out the bottom and you fill it to the perfect amount and ta-da! It’s perfect! Of all the things I’ve linked, this is the one I get asked about the most. It isn’t huge in size but it will make you do a happy dance when cooking breakfast for your family! For under $11 it’s worth every penny.


Strawberry Slicer

Have you ever seen the most beautiful strawberry slices and wondered how they made them look so pretty? All I can tell you is they didn’t do it by hand and they didn’t cut their finger! This Strawberry slicer is awesome and works so well. I used to use an egg slicer but this works so much better. It makes salads, strawberry shortcake, and my pancakes sooo much prettier by having this little gadget slice them up perfectly! I even use it for olives, and other things that you would like sliced perfectly. I love to slice strawberries on top of their pancakes and it takes me about 2 minutes to slice up an entire bowl.  I gave this to my mom one year for Mother’s Day and it’s under $10.

Herb Scissors

I love using fresh herbs but sometimes the chopping can get really old. I’ve used these Herb Scissors and found that I really love them. I use cilantro a lot in our meals and I use these every time.  They make it great because you can have the freshness of using the real herb without it taking forever. Before I had these I would often use dehydrated herbs in place of fresh just because I didn’t want to spend so much time chopping. Another way to save time in the kitchen and do more of the things you love with family! Under $9 too!

Meat Tenderizer

We love to use our smoker and this Meat Tenderizer makes it so tender and juicy. It has 48 stainless steel blades that get the job done in a matter of minutes. We have a friend who is a pro at smoking and he uses this and our meat didn’t turn out the same as his until we got one! I’m blown away at the difference one little gadget can make! It’s super affordable and will have you begging for more meat right away. This can also be used if you cook your meat on the stove or a normal grill, this is not just for a smoker. Also a great gift for the man in your life for under $12

Lemon/Lime juicer

I recently went to a freezer meal class and they had one of these there for us to use and I heard several ladies say they have never used a lemon juicer before. I remember the first time I used one I couldn’t believe the amount of juice that actually comes out of such a small piece of fruit. No more squeezing so hard to get all the juice out and hope that a seed doesn’t fall in. This takes care of all of that! It works well with limes too! It’s one I don’t use all of the time but when I need it I’m always so happy I have it. Plus doesn’t it’s bright yellow color just make you so happy? It’s under $8 too!!

Bag Holders

Have you ever made freezer meals? These bag holders are perfect for propping open your bag as you pour all the ingredients into your plastic bag. I made freezer meals a long time ago but recently went to a class where we made them and these were so handy it made me want to do more of them! It might seem like it’s not a big deal to have your bag propped open but let me tell ya, it makes it so much easier! These, too, are under $10.

Small Scoop

I use my Small Scoop for everything!!! From scooping meatballs, to making cookies this little guy does it all. It also works great for fruit! I have a solid metal one like this and it has lasted me yearsssss! This is a necessity in every kitchen and funny enough I never use it for ice cream! We need a much bigger scoop for that! LOL! You will be shocked at the things you’ll use this for! Under $12, too!


That’s all folks! I hope you found one, if not more on here that you would actually use or that you already have. Comment down below what ones you have and love, OR I want to hear about new ones I need!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  • After I saw a video of you making jam and using the pancake batter dispenser, I bought one and I use it a lot. I have all the gadgets you showed, but the bag holders. Never seen those before. The lemon juicer and the dicer are the ones I use the most! My scoop was made if plastic and is gone, Im looking for a good stainless steel one…

  • I have a strawberry de-huller which takes the green part off the strawberry, super handy! Also love my pineapple corer and melon baller. So many fun kitchen things!

  • I recently got the batter dispenser because of you! I love that it keeps things clean! I also have a strawberry slicer, but it is a little different. It looks like the egg slicers but is shaped like a strawberry and the blades are just like the one in yours. It came with a little scooper tool to get the green part off which I love! My slicer makes slicing strawberries so much easier but now I’m curious about your, it looks even faster! I’ll have to try it! And I have a small scoop! It is amazing for those yummy protein bites! And I also never use it for ice cream, just a million other things!

  • I love seeing recommendations like these… from people that you trust and actually see them use in real life! Since I’m in Canada, I was pleased to see that I was able to find the exact pancake batter dispenser & strawberry slicer (added to my wish for about $5 more than what you list on; but, unfortunately was unable to find the exact same meat tenderizer. Thanks for this blog post!!

  • I loved watching your jam making fun and I’m treating myself to the pancake batter dispenser! Making jam seems such a battle but I’m grateful that you showed us step by step and made it look manageable- I love watching you cook and reading your blog because you’re honest when it’s hard and you work out the kinks for us! I’m a mama to 4 little kiddos and I think- if Mindy can give it her best and it’s a hit with her family maybe I can try to! Thank you for being awesome!

  • Lovely ideas…thank you. I had the latest ‘Vidalia Chop Wizard Pro Max’ shipped to the UK and I have not looked back; it is a fantastic product. The small scoop means cookies are always cooked evenly and they all look the part too! 🙂

  • mindy Bingham

    my name is Melissa yeakel I’m 26 years old and I’m a now a fan of you guys youtube videos cause I watch youtube everyday and also you and I Mindy have stuff in common like baking cause I love to bake cause I bake cake, bread, and sometimes muffins.

    Melissa yeakel