The Living Planet Aquarium With EIGHT Kids!

We rarely have more fun than when we get together with our VLOGGER besties The Gardner Quad Squad! Today we were feeling adventurous so we dialed up our friends the Gardners and their Quad Squad and decided to tackle the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium… with EIGHT kids… FIVE of them are 2-year-olds! I think it goes without saying we had a riot!

One thing is for sure, whenever we get together with the Gardners you know it will be well documented!


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  • I love it when you hang out with other vlogger families. It exposes me to other great content on YouTube, and it’s super fun to watch! It’s like when great tv sitcoms guest appear on other programs that we love! GTQS is defintely a favourite! Laughed hysterically at the end when you were all leaving! xox