Why I Started MindysBest

We are so happy you are all here with us on This Is How We Bingham!! We are so grateful for your positivity and encouragement. Our journey has been overwhelmingly positive and we couldn’t be more grateful! Some of you may know and some of you may not, that I (Mindy) have a separate Instagram account @MindysBest, today I wanted to share a little bit of how that came to be…

Earlier this year I kept having this prompting that something was missing, but I didn’t know what that something was. I asked myself several things-a baby? A product I needed to create? A cookbook? I kept coming up with nothing but I felt like there was some part of me that I needed to share with everyone. I had so many doubts as to why I was feeing this way. Usually when people feel like something is missing their first thought is a child (this was my first thought) but then I kept coming back to the moment I held Hazyl on my chest I had that confirmation that she was our last baby. So I kept telling myself it wasn’t another baby…but then what was it? I remember having this feeling for a while before I shared this with Branden. I remember I shared it with him while we were driving on the main highway in Oahu, HI back in January. I was emotional and my thoughts were everywhere but he understood and took the time to help me figure out what it was that I was supposed to do. I felt this need to share being positive and being your best. I have come upon so many situations as I’ve grown into an adult and as I’ve gone through motherhood that has made me realize that I’ve always done my best and I always want to do my best. This is when @MindysBest was born. I feel like this account is my little baby. It’s something I put my heart and soul into and I try to keep it very real and raw. I share things on MindysBest that I would want to know and hear. I wish I could see more often people telling me I’m killing it and that its okay to not be 100 all the time, as long as I gave it my best that was enough. My favorite phrase over on MindysBest is “your best is enough”

“Your best is enough.” Now that’s not something I take lightly. I feel like I truly give life my best. Guess what? I’m not perfect and some days I fall short and make mistakes, A LOT of mistakes. Because hello, parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. That is what this is all about, it’s not about throwing the perfect party, being the perfect mom, being the perfect friend, and putting your hand in everything your kid does. It’s about realizing that you don’t need to push yourself every day to the point where you hate life. Realize your limits and say no sometimes. You can’t overload yourself and give 50% to everything. Be realistic with yourself and know your limits and boundaries.

Are you a people pleaser? Yes? Me too! It’s hard to feel like you’re letting people down but if you take on too much you’re going to let yourself down and those around you. They may get the burnt out, frustrated, overworked YOU. I got a new calling (assignment) in church almost two years ago and that has really helped me to know my abilities and where I need to delegate and ask for help. I’ve learned its okay to say no sometimes. My first priority is my family and if they are getting the short end of me that’s not fair. I’ve learned a lot about ME this last little while. I’ve learned how important it is to take care of YOU! I don’t mean going to the spa every week and doing retail therapy every other day. I mean taking 10 minutes out of each day for you. Read a book, a talk, sit and meditate, stare at the wall for heavens sake just make time for you. On the occasional time when life has been particular hard on you schedule yourself a little pedicure or get your nails done. Heavens, get a few girls together and paint each others nails and do face masks. just enjoy time for YOUrself. You deserve it!

I’ve always loved learning new things that can make my job easier. My job you wonder? Being a MOM-not a vlogger, blogger or instagrammer. How to get stains out of shirts, how to make a fun lunch for my kids, inexpensive gifts for friends and teachers, and little tips and tricks of being a mom. Some of you may have the perfect kids and they don’t fight or make messes or give you a hard time, to those of you-I’m so happy for you. My kids are quite the opposite of that, so somedays I need all the help I can get. I feel that there may be other mothers out there just like me. We are all in this together. We can all help each other and that’s what I love about MindysBest. You all rally around to show love and support!

Now my favorite part about MindysBest…Sharing all the food. I love to cook and bake and this is one of the funnest parts of sharing things with you. This is a way I show people I love them. I’m always looking for a new fun recipe and treats to make for my family and friends. I love getting messages about how you told me you tried my recipe and loved it. Thank you! Thank you for inviting me into your home!! I’ve come to realize some of the most quality time my family can have is around the dinner table. They’re all here with my husband and I and we get to ask them about things and they can’t run off. For us family time is the best time!

Thank you for being here and for showing up! We are all here for each other. I’m so grateful I listened to the promptings to start MindysBest. I’ve grown so much and hopefully I have shared something with you that has helped you, too. To all my friends out there, I love you!!!

Do your best, because your best is enough!


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  • Mindy , I feel like are online besties. I have used A lot of your ideas 💡. You are an amazing mom and wife ❤️.

  • We all try and do our best. And your right it is enough. And no one is perfect except Our Father God no one on this Earth is perfect. And we all make mistakes. I have grown children that have children that were Pretty good kids. But decided know to mess up thier lives after they had kids. Your doing great job Mindy Love ya.

  • It not easy to be a mom or step mom is hard life we not perfect always make mistake but we learn from our mistake that’s why I love videos your not fake family ..my life is hard I’m a step mom two of stepdaughter is not easy at all they are 17 and 13 years old and is hard but I show them they this is real life and nobody is perfect but do they listen no so I understand Mindy

  • Mindy,
    You truly are the best, I love seeing your daily stories on IG, your raw posts and adorable family keeps me strong throughout chemo, your vlogs make me laugh.

    Always be yourself for God only made on and us, he mended us together is our mothers womb to all be US, it’s important to always be US.

    Keep been you chick, Your the best.

  • You are a inspiration. Thank you for this. I am a mom of two special needs kids and sometimes it’s hard and I do my best but sometimes I dont feel like it.

  • I love your blogs mindy!! It’s so wonderful to know there are other moms out there like me. Parenting is hard, marriage is hard, taking care of yourself is hard!! It’s so nice to be able to relate to someone else and telling yourself your best is enough. I also watch your v logs and love how upbeat and positive you guys are. Keep up the amazing work! I appreciate you!

  • i am not a regular to ur blogs but i love your family….and this blog has helped me more than you will ever know .. in a stay at home mom trying to find work to help in any way… and i feel like im failing in every aspect im trying my best… and still feel this way….knowing im not alone helps!!

  • This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time
    Love you guys xx
    Brandon your amazing and funny
    Mindy your so lovely and sweet
    Ryler you are so handsome and funny
    Krew you are so handsome and amazing at motorbikes 🏍
    Brexsen you so handsome and lively
    Hazy you so precious and sweet and pretty
    I love the vlog where krew skips school xx

  • Mindy, you’re an amazing mom.🥰 I love you’re post and i really loved you’re blog. It really hit me! In a good way❤ thank you for everything you do🙏 keep up the good work, and yes you’re best is enough!💕

  • Such an important reminder that we are enough, our best is just that and should never be measured against anyone else. And that we should never judge others because their best is different. I love being part of the Bingham extended family because your message is so positive. It truly is a community that lifts one another up, supports and prays for one another on the hard days and celebrates ALL the victories, big and small. Thank you for bringing us all together and sharing our journey.

  • Hi Mindy-I know that you have loads of followers and I have written messages to you before this one which you kindly acknowledged.
    Thanks for an update on Mindy’s best-I have followed it from the first post and so happy to see that you have explained a little more about how you started it.
    May you have many more ’best‘ days where when things may not be perfect you know you did your best.
    I too had a spell two years ago when I was having to be more realistic about what I could do-arthritis kept me from walking at will, Grown up sons overseas, having lots to do for the garden and wanting to share what I was so fortunate to have,I began an Instagram account with regular pictures of different parts of the house and garden always with a cup or mug in my shot and inviting others to join me as I paused and not be lonely with their mugs or cups-It has almost been a diary.
    I wanted a theme and many people appeared to enjoy the pictures.
    Ifyou would care to take a look-please do.
    And thanks for being you!

  • Good advice Mindy! I am 61 and I follow you because I love living life vicariously through you and your beautiful family! I have an only son who has decided not to have children so I love watching your videos and seeing your kids grow up because I don’t have that in my real life! It’s funny how attached you can become. I am so in awe of you and your abilities as a mom, wife and friend. Everyone needs a person like you in their life! Thanks for sharing yours! Love, Rebecca💕

  • Hi Mindy,
    Thank you to you and your family for sharing your life experiences . I found it so endearing to watch your vlog about your flight home last week after your trip to Disneyland. Such raw emotions from the whole family, you are all pretty brave to share that . I admire you for your spirit and vulnerability and look forward to your future stories!

    Mary Rijken

  • Hey Mindy,
    You are an amazing mom! I watch your vlogs and get inspired by you to be a better me and mom. You seem so real, so down to earth of a person. You don’t come off as fake or trying hard to be something you aren’t. You show your true self and that’s why I like coming back and watching your vlogs. I like it more when you are the one in it more over Branden, he is so loud and crazy about his gadgets.
    It was really cool to find out that you are a convert to the church.
    So am I, would love to hear your story about joining the church.
    Thank you for putting yourself and your family out into the world, to
    show how your family is amazing and loving!!
    Keep it up, Mindy, your best inspires others!!

  • Hey Mindy, This is such a great post i felt similar when I started my blog. Your account is brilliant and I find it really inspiring so have to say thank you for doing this and keep on doing it please,

  • Mindy, love your instagram posts and your stories. They are amazing! I love that you have positive energy when it comes to everything to handle in life.