Easy Caramel Apple in a Muffin Tin

Our family loves doing fall activities and we like to keep certain ones as traditions, but this caramel apple mess has got to be easier right? So this is why I decided to adopt this idea. It makes the mess so much more manageable. Also don’t you get frustrated when you dip your caramel apple and all the toppings are on it just right and you go back 15 minutes later after it has cooled to see that it all drooped and fell to the bottom of the apple?? I hate it. So this makes it easier for so many reasons but one is that they are bite size and hello! That’s a game changer. Also the kids can’t get too carried away with the toppings because they’ve only been given a small amount. We also don’t need to worry about double dipping either. Ew. Like ew. So now that I think we are all on board let me tell you how easy this is.

I didn’t have an individual muffin tin for each child, because who makes that many muffins??? I did however have two 12 count tins and that made it perfect for 2 children and I’m going to be honest…they did an incredible job at sharing the tin! Yesss!!!

I found whatever I had in the pantry to make this up. I did pick up a bag of caramels that you mix with 2 tbsp water and wa-la you have delicious caramel. So for this round, I had M&M minis, Halloween sprinkles, crushed up pretzels, marshmallows and Andes chocolate mints crushed up. I put the caramel in the middle to make it accessible and it worked out great.

I cut the apples up into slices (green apples are the best apples for dipping) and I put sucker sticks in them to make them easier for dipping.  I used these sticks:

These come with 150 so these will last you a while. I also love to use these sticks when making Oreo truffles or cake pops. Should I make a post on those too?

Here is a great muffin tin choice if you don’t already have one!

Here are some ideas of things to dip your caramel apple in:

Graham crackers

Reese’s pieces



Kit Kat

Toffee bits




Chocolate Chips

Chopped up candy corn


Drizzle with chocolate

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  • This really helped me love that I can comment on here too. TIHWB has been my favorite YouTube family for awhile and really since Brexie Doodle was born. Let me just say this to the family. Hazie your so adorable and yes I love your dimples. Brexie you are a little shy, but when your a savage your a HUGE savage. Krewbie your so so so cool dude and your about my age so… Ryler your so kind, and want the best for everyone, you are my age so….Mindy, I’m young, but you’re a great influence for everyone, love your positivity. Brandon your such a cool vlog dad, and you make the coolest go pro 360 views. Love you guys as a family and hopefully friends, and I would love it if you could do a meet and greet in Pittsburgh, or shout me out in the vlog. Or respond love you guys!!

  • I love your family vlogs so much. My kids go to the same school has your kids. I try making this with my kids and they loved it so much.