DIY Calming Glitter Jar

So we are all stuck in quarantine and looking for things to do for us or our kids, anything to help the time pass right? I feel like we have exhausted all our options of things to do but then when I think about all the creative things we can do the options are endless. For some of you these things are items you have lying around your house. I had extra mason jars in the basement and most people have craft glitter. The only item you may not have lying around is the glue, Get on amazon and order some clear glue and you’ll be all set!

These glitter jars have multiple uses-not only can they be a fun activity to make but they can help you or your child calm them down if they are anxious about all these changes going on. If your child is struggling or throwing a tantrum you can have them sit and breath deeply until all the glitter has settled. My kids have really enjoyed watching the glitter settle just for fun, too.


I also really love activities that can allow kids to express themselves. Each glitter jar was different in its own way. They all could personalize them with the chunky glitter and the fine glitter then even change the water color if they wanted. They all loved getting to choose for themselves, for them right now they don’t have much control over their own life. Most of these changes have been made for them. They haven’t gotten to choose much of anything so getting to pick something as little as glitter could be really fun for them! Have fun with this one and let them be creative with little to no mess. Well unless your me and you end up spilling all the glitter when you open it. 😂




distilled water

1/2 cup clear glue(you can use colored/glitter glue as well)-about one small batter per jar

1-2 tablespoons glitter (you’ll want a chunkier and fine glitter)

mason jar or water bottle


  1. Get your jar and put 1/2 cup distilled water(filtered water will work too, distilled just prevents it from getting moldy)
  2. Add 1/2 cup clear glue to the jar.
  3. Add 1-2 tbsp of glitter to the jar. We did 1 tbsp chunky glitter and 1 tbsp fine glitter for variety.
  4. Fill the jar the rest of the way with water and screw the lid on tightly
  5. Using a hot glue gun and line the lid with glue so it cant be opened.

If you use a glass jar remind your child not to throw the jar and be careful of dropping it to prevent it from shattering.

Here are some great glitter options:

Clear Glue









Fine glitter








Chunky Glitter









We had such a fun day making these glitter jars but most we loved making memories with our kids. Make each day count, and enjoy these days because they go by way too fast!!!








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