Simple Halloween Treats

Halloween is almost upon us and I am so EXCITED! This can feel like a stressful time of year though. Getting all the costumes together, the parties, food assignments you’ve been given and not to mention the kids have class parties. I have a couple ideas that I found that I wanted to make for you and share how I did them! I know with some schools you’re not allowed to take homemade treats so there are some that are store bought that you can spice up a little and make you look like a total rockstar. Cute doesn’t have to be stressful!

Homemade halloween treats

Candy Corn Jello

These little candy corn Jellos were so easy to make. They turned out better than I had expected!

Items needed for this treat: lemon and orange Jello mix, whipped topping.

Prepare the lemon Jello first.

I poured it into the bottom of a cup (I suggest a clear plastic one) let it set up for an hour or so.

Prepare the orange Jello. *Tip* When pouring it on the lemon Jello, pour it onto a spoon so it doesn’t put a hole in the lemon. The orange Jello is warm and can melt the lemon. Let it set up for another hour.

When ready to serve, put some whipped topping on top to create the top of the candy corn.

Easy and done!!

Rice Krispy Pumpkins

Items needed to make these: Rice Krispie cereal, butter, marshmallows, spray oil, red and yellow food dye, and tootsie rolls.

Make these just like you would regular Rice Krispie treats but before you add the cereal add in orange food dye, I did 2 drops red to 5 drops yellow. I wanted mine very orange so I added in more food dye until it was the color I wanted.

Add in cereal and remove from heat.

I rubbed my hands with spray oil to prevent the Rice Krispies from sticking to me. I picked up a little handful and shaped it into a ball and put it on a cookie sheet to cool.

Once they were mostly cooled I stuck a tootsie roll into the top.



Witches Hats

These are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Items need are Fudge Striped cookies, orange candy melts, and Hershey’s kisses.

Lay out fudge striped cookies upside down.

Melt orange candy melts(in microwave for 30 seconds at a time)

Use a plastic baggie to create a piping bag and cut the very little tip off.

Put a ring of melted candy melts around the inside top of the cookie and push a Hershey’s kiss on top.

See? Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Witches Brooms

If the broom fits…

Items need for this treat: Reese’s peanut butter cups and pretzel sticks

Of all the homemade treats, this one is the easiest.

Okay here are the steps….are you ready?

Step one-unwrap the Reese’s peanut butter cups

Step two-stick the pretzel in the Reese’s


School-safe treats

Spider Tootsie Pops

These are the perfect amount of creepy and deliciously sweet!

Items needed for this: Tootsie Pops, black pipe cleaners, googly eyes and hot glue.

Take 4 pieces of pipe cleaner sand wrap each one around twice and bend the legs down.

Use hot glue to glue on the googley eyes.

Almost as easy as the broomsticks….


Sweet Juicy Pumpkins

Its awesome to have a healthy treat with all the candy around for the holiday…

Items needed for this treat: Clementines and a Sharpie marker.

Get your artistic skills out and use them to create some funny faces on these pumpkins.


Ghoulishly easy ghosts

Okay this could be the easiest of them all, we saved the best for last.

Items needed for this treat: string cheese and a Sharpie marker.

If you can draw an oval, you’re all set. Put two smaller ovals as the eyes and one bigger one for the mouth and you’re done!


These treats aren’t just for kids, they can be great to taken to anyone. I love the simple, cheesy and fun treats. None of that gore for me! I hope you all enjoy these treats, if you’re looking for another idea check out these chocolate dipped candy corn or spider Oreos.

Thank you, We love you!!

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