Easy Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas time and it’s the season when we think of every friend and family member and feel the need to give them a gift. One of the biggest stresses of Christmas time is money and how to make it go as far as you need it to. Buying gifts for neighbors, friends and family shouldn’t stress you out so much so I came up with a few gift ideas that are slam dunks and won’t break the bank.

The number one thing you need to think about when buying gifts is WHO is on your list. Compile a list of the people you want to give something to and write down every name. This will make the whole process easier because then you know just who needs what and you can decide how much you want to spend on them.

You’ll also want to figure out HOW MUCH you want to SPEND on Christmas and how much to allot for each person. Christmas should not put you in debt and make you break the bank. Sure we definitely spend more in December than any other month in the whole year but don’t put yourself in a bad financial position over it.

After you’ve figured out WHO  and HOW MUCH now it’s time to start the gift shopping. Here is my number one tip…are you ready? Super simple. SALES, SALES, SALES. Only shop the sales unless its something you have to have. I love to give bath and body works gifts but my number one rule is I only shop there when they have sales.  I also love to buy things and break up the pack to make it go farther. I bought this awesome pack of popcorn at Sam’s club and I separated the 4 bags and made them into individual gifts. I just slashed that one price into four! FOUR!!!!  I have several ideas here that you can use:

Gift Ideas

Sugar cookie mix with cookie cutter

Hot chocolate with a mug



Toilet paper and hand sanitizer-2020 staple

Bath Bomb and hand cream

Gift cards to favorite lunch places

Hand soap

Homemade Potpourri-recipe linked

Handwritten card


One thing I love to add to every package is a piece of twine to a cello bag and add in a fun little ornament or sprig of berries to make it look pretty. These can be found super inexpensive at Dollar Tree. A lot of these gifts can be bought there!

Here is my number one tip, if you can’t afford any of the above make the effort to write a friend or family member a handwritten card. It’s not the size of the gift that counts, the the THOUGHT. People want to be thought of and remembered, it’s the holidays and some people are celebrating alone or just lost a family member and they could use a little pick me up. Find a way, if possible to make someone feel loved and remembered.

I made a video putting together fun gifts here that you can see. Have a great holiday season, sending all our love from the Bingham family to you!

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  • I love to watch you and your sister make Sugar Cookies and your Royal Icing. I would love the recipes for both. You make it look so easy. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to your family. Also to your sister.