Fall Potpourri

I love filling my house with wonderful smells of fall! I use candles all the time but I thought this weekend I would try a different method and I loved it! I put fresh ingredients into a pot and added some water and it smelled absolutely amazing. Better than any candle I’ve ever burned. Not only was it beautiful to look at, I can customize it to be any smell I would like it to be. The options are endless when creating these different potpourris! Here is what I put into mine to make it smell all fall-y.

I also really love spending time in the kitchen and this was another reason to have some fun, if cooking and baking isn’t your thing a candle will definitely do the trick. My favorite are Bath and Body Works. I have an embarrassing amount of them. I will be burning both methods this fall and holiday season. There are also some fun summer-y scents you can make up with strawberries and watermelon. Try different varieties and let me know what you like.


1 apple sliced

1 orange peel

3-5 bay leaves

2 Tbsp whole clove

4-6 cinnamon sticks

1 Tbsp vanilla extract

2 cups water



  1. Place all ingredients in a pot and add water (enough to cover the ingredients). Bring to a boil then simmer on low.
  2. Water will evaporate, you may need to refill water occasionally.

This can also be done with a slow cooker.

The ingredients can last up to a week, just remember to add water when needed.

To get the smells going again bring to boil and let it simmer on low.

Also make sure to turn this off when you’re not home.


To see a video of this being made click below



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  • I tried this last week (from Tyson Gardner’s recipe) and I love it so much! His didn’t call for bay leaves though, does it really add to it!? Just wondering? Love you guys so much, Mindy you are so beautiful inside and out! Thank you for all you do and everything you share with us! I love the out takes at the end, you made me laugh! 💕💕