Fall Bucket List

Fall is HERE! Can you feel it? We are starting to feel it here in Utah and it is wonderful! The temperatures are cooling down and the pumpkin patches are going up everywhere and I just LOVE it! I get all giddy knowing I will soon be putting pumpkins and hay bales on my porch!

It is a fun idea to sit down together as a family and come up with some ideas we can do together for the season. I have found time passes too quickly and things don’t happen unless I write them down. So we grab a big poster and some fun colored markers and we get to work coming up with ideas we have done in the past and new things we would like to try! I feel like there are so many things that can distract family from being together, all good things but things nonetheless. So this makes it so our family gets quality time.

So what kind of things should you put on your bucket list? They don’t all have to cost money or be expensive, they can be cheap or free for most of them. Get creative and make it super fun. Here is the list we made of our bucket list, you can also check out the YouTube Live video we did here making it.

Some of your activities could include doing service for others or helping out a friend in need. We have found that the source of true happiness can come by serving those around us! Whatever you do, have fun and do it with those you love. It could be a bucket list with all your best friends, or your youth group, date nights with your spouse. Be present and enjoy the moments that make up this crazy thing called life!

I created a document that has some fun ideas, you are welcome to save it to your device or computer and keep a copy for yourself. Just right click on the image and save or hold down and save it to your device.

I enjoy all the seasons every time a new one approaches I always think it’s my favorite. I guess it turns out I love all of them! I want to know what is your favorite thing to do during this fall season? Give me all your ideas so we can add them to our Fall Bucket List!

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  • I’m from Lancaster county Pennsylvania. I’m in the more rural woods area and we love to do bonfires with s’mores! When I think of fall I think of s’mores. Being outside with family or snuggled up close to your special someone!

  • Hay tihwb family I watch you every day and love YouTube videos can I please have a shout out in your next video please

  • My favorite thing to do is hang with friends and enjoy the nice hoodie weather!! 🥳🤪 Also, I love watching movies 🎥 and drinking chocolate 🍫

  • You should come on a plane ✈️ Melbourne and drive to Warrnambool in Australia 🇦🇺
    Really nice place

  • I love you guys you guys rock!! Ever sense the beginning of me finding this family fun and stud filled channel I knew it was going to be awesome. You guys are so inspiring . I love you guys to the moon and back. If I could I would get your merch but that is kind of hard. I show so much love to you family because you make me feel like I’m there and part of the binghams. I look forward to you guys posting and I wish I could meet you guys in person because that will just make my YEAR!!! I always dreamed of watching a channel that made me feel there and loved and you guys do. Love you guys soooooooooooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mindy great work! I love your family and how you are such a great mom! THIS IS HOW WE BINGHAM BABY!!!!

  • I know it’s a tad early, but for your Christmas Bucket list, you should definitely add: driving around neighborhoods and look at the fun decorations, get hot chocolate, go caroling (can not wait to see yall sing!), watch festive movies, and enjoy time with family! Hope you add my family favorites to your Christmas Bucket list! Thanks

    Madison Sankey

  • hey guys I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing and i love all that you guys put up lease never stop! 😂😂 Its the highlight of my day! thanks,Camryn Andrews

  • Please tell madi a happy birthday late for me and did Ryler get a phone i don’t understand why it said 2 Iphones 11 I watch your videos every day!! Mindy where is Mindy’s scare Project?????????

  • Hey Bingham Family I think this is a really cool idea to have a fall bucket list. I personally myself never thought of this I was always the person that would just decorate see I was in Canada in the province of Ontario so we have fall and then we have our Thanksgiving so what I’ve been doing the last while and that is been decorating for Thanksgiving And then as soon as Thanksgiving is done and over I go into Halloween mode but then still keep the fall decorations through but I think you just gave me a new tradition to start which I will definitely next year.

  • Love the family and can’t wait for each days vlog on you tube I have. Been for a few months and can’t stop watching the videos and you are awesome family infact I follow all the Bingham on YouTube keep up the good work tell everyone I said hi
    Love Dana from Pennsylvania

  • Thanks for your uplifting videos I love your videos and watch you everyday your family is so polite and focused on others. A shootout in the next video please.

  • Hi Mindy, in your you tube video you cooked ‘fluffy German pancakes. In the UK we can them Yorkshire Puddings. We cook then hoter so they are crispy on the edges. We eat it savoury. You would most likely eat it as part of a beef roast dinner with gravy. We also do what we call ‘toad in the hole which is my fav. You cook sausages first in the oven. Fry up some onions so golden and soft, add those to the sausages. Remove some of the oil and add the batter and cook. It is lovely.

  • Hello Branden,Mindy,Maddie girl,Ry guy,krewbie,brexydoodle,and the cute little hazy girl I am such big fans of your youtube channel. I am ubbsesed . Every day i watch u guys . i live i England and my name is Ellie please comment