Little Girl Bedroom Makeover

I had started thinking of how I wanted to do Hazyl’s room and it became overwhelming. I had to get to a point mentally where I could wrap my head around this project, and that didn’t even count where I would have to deal with the fact that my baby is growing up.  When I have a project or I need ideas I always head to and it helps every single time. I can get a feel for what I want the project or room to be like and what kind of vibe I want to have in the room. If I ever need information I basically go to Pinterest before Google. Not sure how Pinterest decided to take over the world but boy am I sure glad they did.

I originally wanted this beautiful pink floral wallpaper in her room and they I started thinking about how I wanted something that could grow with her more. I love florals, I have since day one of finding out I was pregnant with a girl. I love floral clothes, accessories and everything floral. Which is why I love her wallpaper in her room. I knew the bed and wallpaper would be the biggest statement piece.


My daughter has a beautiful room but it is a little longer and skinnier that some.  She has a beautiful bay window that we wanted to utilize and show off, so we had to get furniture that could fit her room well. I decided to go with a daybed and added the trundle under it so she could have sleepovers with her brothers if they wanted to. I chose her bed from and its just beautiful. Her bed and dresser are the “Ava” collection and it’s so pretty. I had a dresser in her room from when she was a baby but I wanted a matching set for her, so thats why she got a new dresser.

One thing that is so awesome and fun for her for her room is her new bedding and pom pom blanket. She got a Beddy’s and they are so great because she can make her bed all on her own (game changer!) The bedding is one complete piece, it zips all the way around. They have a soft minky on the inside, and it hangs over the edge so it wraps you all up in soft cozy material. These are perfect for bunk beds, my boys have them on their beds and they’re lifesavers. They are so much easier to change the sheets.  They come in a variety of different colors and styles. We have a code that gets you 20% off, use code TIHWB! 🎉

The next big piece that I wanted to go along with the room was the wallpaper and that was almost as important as the piece of furniture that would go into her room because it would cover the largest wall in her room. I went with something “neutral” meaning I wouldn’t be married to any specific colors. The green succulents and florals of this wallpaper is so pretty, it will grow with her and adds the perfect accent wall. I got her wallpaper from and it was SO easy to apply. It is one of the few wallpapers that is REMOVABLE, making it super super easy to apply! We had great success and one thing I was very surprised by is Branden was much better at putting it up than me! I was so excited for this part of the room and it turned out 1000x better than I thought it would.


The next part of the room I wanted to focus on was her bay window, it’s so pretty and lets in so much light that we had to make it amazing. My mom found this darling egg chair at Sams club and I instantly fell in love. I got it for a killer deal in store. I saw a few pictures that had a little reading nook so I found a cute rug to put under it. Hanging the canopy above it made it so dreamy!

I created a list of everything in her room and where I got it! Check down below.

Daybed Ava Regency Daybed

Dresser Ava Regency extra wide dresser

Bedding Beddy’s Vintage Blush, Use code TIHWB for 20% off

Pom pom blanket(white one on bed) use code above.

Ballerina doll on bed

Bunny doll on bed

White faux fur rug under chair

Chair From Sam’s Club

Canopy above chair

Basket for books and blankets

blanket in basket

Lamp on dresser

“Be You” sign on dresser

Gold birds on dresser

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  • Such a beautiful room! Just like Miss Hazyl. I cant wait to check out I live in sn apartment so it would be fun to spruce up my room and be able to remove it when i move.