Road Trip with Kids Tips

Okay so you’ve decided to head out on a road trip? YAY!!! This is so exciting and it’s going to be a blast but you have to entertain the kids right? And pack? and make sure you don’t forget anything?! Oh dear this could be a task! I have a few tips to help you!

We have done SO many road trips….we have traveled to California so many times by car because that’s where Branden’s daughter used to live. We would travel down there about once a year to see her or for big occasions. We also love to go to little places around Utah that we can get to by car! It is so much cheaper to drive if you are able and have the time allowance. Come along with me as I show you all the things I bring in the car for the kids!

I always bring way more than I will use or need…having said that I think kids can go through a lot of activities in a short amount of time! Don’t forget that you’ll need stuff for the drive home too so it’s okay if you bring a lot!  I love to bring activities that won’t make messes or ruin clothes! Not sure if this is scientifically proven 😂 but my belief is kids can be entertained for 1-2 minutes per year old they are! So if they are 5 years old they can maybe be entertained for 5-10 minutes on each activity! Hopefully more if you’re lucky!!!

The first tip I will give you…The activities that I keep for our road trips are ones that the kids don’t get to play with regularly. They are for special occasions (like road trips) only!

Here are my top favorite road trip activities for kids!

These color wonder activity packets are great because they have markers but they won’t ruin your kids clothes! They have clear markers and only show color on the paper that the kit comes with! They have several different packs for boys and girls!

Next up I will say these Water Wow! color books are pretty dang incredible. All you need is water and these work great! You use the little wand to color on the  part with no image and when it gets wet the image appears. They dry super duper fast and can be used again and again!!

These little Wikki Stix pieces are so fun to bend and mold and make really fun creations with. They are safe for kids and keep forever! These are from back in the day from when I was a kid and I loved them, now this is something that my kids also love to play with in the car.

My kids have always loved these little lace up puzzles, they are great for their fine motor skills and can be educational for them too! These are not just things that I use for the car, these are also great for church or places that you need to keep kids quiet! 🤫

My tried and true paper bag method! It works like a charm, I do this for the younger kids especially but could also work for older kids too! Here is the deal-buy little cheap toys from the Target dollar spot or Dollar Tree and stick them into a paper sack that they can’t see through and staple the bag so there is no peeking! I set limits on time, they can get them every 1-2 hours depending on how far of a drive we are taking. I fill them with little toys and trinkets as well as snacks and treats! This could work for older kids too if you want to include conversation starters or snacks that they’ll like.

Activities are fun and all but the one things we all really want for the car is the treats amiright? We all love some good treats and snacks while we drive. Heavens, I love treats when I drive down the road to the grocery store so we have to be fully stocked for a road trip. Also don’t forget some fun magazines for mom!

These road trip binders are so fun for the kids and can be customized to fit your kids needs. There are a few things I have put in them that I love.

Here are the links to the printable (they’re all free!)

Road Trip Packet– It has SO many pages and so many different activities for the kids!

Road Trip I spy

Dot paper my kids love (even my husband)

Fast Food I Spy

I really like these crayola dry erase markers because they are WASHABLE!

pencil pouch for a three ring binder

Three ring binders

So after allllll these things you should be set! We have so much fun traveling as a family! So many incredible memories are made and I’m so grateful for the bonds that my children share. They get to have one on one time with each other and makes those bonds that last forever! Traveling doesn’t have to be some big expensive excursion for your family, traveling looks different to so many people. Camping, glamping, hotels, resorts and all the travel types. Whatever you do have fun and make the memories!


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