Sloppy Joes

I have never been more surprised by a recipe than this one. I asked for the recipe from my friend Stephanie. Her mom always makes these for us. Sloppy Joes feed a crowd and Stephanie’s mom, Amy has made these for us several times when we have gone to her house sledding. There is always a big group of us and they have been a hit every time we go. They have definitely earned their name “Amy’s Sloppy Joes.”

She gave us this recipe and I was positive I had everything I needed in the fridge or pantry except buns so I headed to the store to grab those. I mean who doesn’t have these staples in their pantry right? The problem was I had them all except I didn’t have ENOUGH ketchup. Houston, we have a problem… would I fix this I didn’t want to run to the store in the middle of making these Joes. So I started looking through the pantry of what I could use…did I really not have more ketchup hiding somewhere? I had to make do so I threw in some BBQ sauce since that was all I could think of to remedy the situation. We continued making them like normal and guess what??? They were AMAZING with the BBQ sauce. Like mind blowing AMAZING. We just took the best sloppy Joes up a level that I didn’t think could taste any better, better!

Ok so now you know why I am throwing in BBQ sauce to this recipe. I have altered hers just a little to make the adjustment for it. Here is the recipe for all of you whose mouth is already watering.


2 lbs. ground beef

2 cups ketchup

1/2 cup BBQ sauce

1/2 cup vinegar

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 Tbsp. mustard

Hamburger buns



  1. Brown and drain the ground beef.
  2. Add ketchup, bbq sauce, vinegar, brown sugar and mustard.
  3. Simmer until ingredients are well blended.
  4. Serve on hamburger buns.



This recipe is easy peasy lemon squeasy! It honestly is so delicious and so easy. We made this and had the kid’s friends over and they ate the entire pan! I was so surprised. This takes the average sloppy Joe up a level!

**This recipe can also be halved, I did this the other night and it was great for about 5-6 people. If you’re wanting to feed more than 5 I would cook the full 2lb of meat.

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  • Can’t wait to try these. Is the only difference between her recipe & your recipe the bbq sauce? So it would be 2-1/2 cups ketchup?

  • Was ‘easy peasy’ and delicious. Kids were making yummy sounds the whole time. Our family likes onions so I saut’eed a small, chopped up, onion with the hamburg. Adding this to our meal cycle for sure.

  • We have made this recipe four times in less than three weeks, it is THAT good! Even though we have enough ketchup, we still have kept with using the BBQ sauce way and it is perfect!!!