Slow Cooker Kahlua Pork

Oh, to go back to our luau in Hawaii! Those were the best meals we had! The authentic Hawaiian pork was so delicious and we are wanting to recreate that meal and food so badly. We can’t have the warmer temps here yet so we will  try to bring the taste of Hawaii home. We have a good friend and neighbor that came up with the best recipe for Kahlua pork and she shared her recipe with me. It‘s only 3 ingredients and makes the most amazing and tender, pork you’ve ever had-not in Hawaii 😂

I never know what kind of pork to buy. I struggle every. single. time. I happen to run into this same neighbor while at the grocery store one time and had them show me exactly what to buy. For this specific pork you will want boneless butt or shoulder roast. There are all different cuts to buy and those 2 will give you the best flavor. That one piece of information alone is what makes this meal so yummy.


7 lb boneless pork butt or shoulder

2 Tbsp himalayan pink salt

2 oz. liquid smoke


  1. Place pork in slow cooker.
  2. Sprinkle salt over meat.
  3. Pour liquid smoke over meat
  4. Turn on slow cooker on high for 9-10 hours.
  5. When meat is done cooking pull it out of the crockpot and shred the meat. We use these meat claws to shred the meat and they work awesome.

Serve with some rice-jasmine rice or sticky rice and some steamed cabbage or a salad. Most traditional Hawaii plates like this are served with macaroni salad of some sort (still haven’t mastered that recipe yet! 😂) and of course Hawaiian sweet rolls.


Aloha! 👋

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  • For some reason on the Slow Cooker Kahlua Pork when you click on meat claws it brings up the pink salt. That may be because I clicked on that first but I did try to refresh it and click again but it went once again to the link salts. Tried it on the slow cooker as well and that one worked great!! Just thought you should know:) Love you guys!
    Btw: so many people ask me this, my last name is pronounced yayman lol You have no idea how many people have called me Yeeman 😂

  • I was so excited for my first cruise to the Caribbean, but now everything is basically canceled. I am so upset and you are also probably. I hope you are safe and well.

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