Spending one on one time with your children

The other day I had this prompting to spend one on one time with my kids, specifically Brexsen. My sweet 7 year old boy is my youngest of 3 incredible boys. I don’t know what sparked this thought but it needed to happen and I am so grateful I listened. He needed it that day! We had so much fun, I asked him if he wanted to bake with me and he instantly said yes! I asked him specifically what he wanted to make and he knew exactly what he wanted…Cake mix cookies. Not just any ordinary cake mix cookie though, FUNFETTI cake mix cookies!

I learned a few things the other day while hanging out with him.

  1. I learned that he is more capable than I give him credit for. He is able to do so much more on his own than I realized. He learned a few things, about how to not touch a hot pan, even then sometimes I had to re-remind him. Thats okay! That is how we learn! He did so much of this recipe on his own and I am so proud of him for that. He cracked his first egg all on his own, put the dishes in the sink and remembered to wash his hands often. I don’t give my kids enough opportunity to bake in the kitchen, he did fantastic!
  2. The difference I have seen in him since that one on one undivided attention is the sweetest thing ever. His whole demeanor changed getting to feel special and have one on one time. Having a bigger family it can be challenging to get that one on one time in but it really was only 30 minutes out of my entire day or week to make him feel special. It was sooooo worth it in my book and I also know it’s something he won’t forget.
  3. I am usually uptight about cooking and struggle with messes. This one particular day it was okay to make a mess and have some fun. In the end, it all got cleaned up and we survived. 😉  I was able to let my hair down a little and enjoy the moment. For some reason when I came to this earth I came with this awful trait that things need to be perfect and clean all the time. 🙄  Sometimes it’s okay to have fun and make a mess and LIVE IN THE NOW!

If you’re a mother who is struggling with finding the happy or struggling with a particular child’s behavior, try this out. Maybe they need that one on one time to feel like they matter! These little people are going through so much right now especially with this crazy quarantine going on that they could use a break too! Whether it be baking or a craft, take some time for those sweet kiddos. I can’t wait to have special one on one time with my other kids soon.


My favorite part of this whole experience was how tight he hugged me when we took this picture! He wrapped his arm around me so tight and would not let go. Such a sweet boy!!!


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