Stephanie’s Sugar Cookies

The day has finally come that Stephanie has taught me how to make her cookies. It was SO much fun! I never realized how much work goes into those little bites of happiness!  Check out the vlog here and try out her amazing recipe! Stephanie works hard to produce the yummiest little cookies….She accepts orders both locally and ships them throughout the US. Visit her here to contact her about making an order.


Sugar cookie recipe


1 ½ C sugar
1 C butter, softened-salted
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
½ tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder (yes, 4 tsp you read that right.)
4 C flour


1. Cream sugar and butter together until light and fluffy.

2. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well between each addition.

3. Add vanilla and mix well.

4. In a separate bowl, combine salt, baking powder and flour; gradually add to creamed mixture. Mix well.

2. Roll out on floured surface. Cut into shapes.

3. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

Royal Icing


4 lbs. powdered sugar

3/4 C  meringue powder

2 Tbsp vanilla (or any flavoring you prefer)

1 1/3 C warm water.


Lightly combine powdered sugar and meringue powder. In measuring cup, combine water and vanilla. Add water mixture to powdered sugar mixture and mix with electric mixer until you have stiff peaks.

We hope you enjoyed this! It was super fun to make and a huge shout out and a special thank you to Stephanie over at@sugarcookiesbysteph on Instagram! Go on over and give her a follow, be sure to check out all the cookie designs she has done. It will blow your  mind!

Thank you, we loooove you!


We have gotten so many questions about this recipe and how to make these cookies that we have included a FAQ here for you!:

  • Where do you get your…
    • First off, this question is hard for me to answer because I don’t have any specific place that I get the products, I am not that picky about them. I have found some great options for you!
    • Cookie sheets: I found some great ones on Amazon just like the ones I have.
    • Parchment paper: I do get the precut ones at Orson Gygi in SLC but I’ve also found precut ones on Amazon.
    • Silicone mat: Any baking mat will do, I found these great ones on Amazon
    • Cookie cutters: This is a common question. There is no one great place to find cookie cutters, they’re everywhere! I’ve used Amazon, Joanns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, The Dollar Store, etc.
    • Food coloring: People usually want to know how my colors are so bright and intense. I use AmeriColor, it’s my favorite!
    • Squeeze bottles: I found mine on Amazon and they’re great! I do end up cutting the tips to make the openings bigger though.
  • Do I think Bosch is better than Kitchen Aid? Yes, I do. I am definitely team Bosch. I had a Kitchen Aid once and I never felt like it got the stuff at the bottom of the bowl that well. I love my Bosch.
  • “My dough turned out sticky.” I hear this one every so often and I wish I had a better answer. I don’t know if it’s climate or what, but it tends to happen to some people. Just add more flour.
  • Is it a typo or is there really 4 teaspoons of baking powder? It is not a typo!
  • Do you use salted or unsalted butter? I use salted.
  • What brand of ingredients do you use? I’ve been asked this question a lot and  I’m here to tell you, that I use generic a LOT of the time! There’s no special brand of anything that I use.
  • How thick do you roll out the dough? I’ve never actually measured it because I just do what feels right…Not too thick but not too thin and I’m thinking that it’s somewhere between 1/4-1/8 inch.
  • How long does it take the cookies to dry? I let mine sit out overnight.
  • How hard does this icing get? It gets pretty rock hard, but the cookie will stay soft if you don’t overcook it.
  • What brand of meringue powder do you use? Ok so this whole time I’ve been telling you that brand doesn’t matter…but now it does! I’ve only ever had good luck with Wilton meringue powder. I tried others and they just didn’t harden up enough to be able to stack or package cookies. However, there are lots of professional cookie decorators that say they don’t like the smell of Wilton’s meringue powder, but I’m not sure what they’re using instead so I’ve just always stuck to Wilton. It can be pricey, so I use a coupon at Joanns every time I buy it.
  • What are the different consistencies of icing? There’s piping, for edges. It should be about like toothpaste. Then there’s fill icing, for the middles of the piping and it should be like shampoo.
  • Can the butter be melted or does it have to be softened? DO NOT melt it, it MUST be room temperature, just softened.
  • Why don’t you use your Bosch mixer for the icing too? Honestly, no reason other than because it’s dirty from the cookies…haha!
  • What kind of flour do I use? It’s all purpose.
  • How long do the cookies stay fresh? I think anything under a week is good. More is not going to kill you or make you sick, but it might just not be as good. I have a brother who once ate one a year later…haha I wouldn’t recommend that but he was fine!
  • Can you freeze the cookies or the dough? Yes! I’ve definitely had success doing that. Use airtight containers.
  • How do I store the finished cookies? In airtight containers
  • Do the dark colors, like red or black taste bad? No, they don’t. I’ve never had any taste issues from AmeriColor.
  • How many cookies does this recipe make? It makes about 3-5 dozen, maybe more, maybe less, it just depends on the size of the cookie cutters. But with an average 4 inch cookie cutter, this recipe will probably make 4 dozen.
  • How many cookies will your icing recipe frost? I have found that it makes enough for about two batches of cookies.
  • Can you half your cookie recipe? I never have because it calls for 3 eggs.


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  • Hi Mindy… i would like to try this Sugar Cookies I hv never tried before this would be my first attempt to make cookies… it look so delicious..
    I started watching your vlogs few months before you BINGHAMS are Awesome.. tons of luv n best wishes all the way from Bangalore, INDIA

  • Don’t forget to spray it with water to toothpaste consistency for the borders and shampoo for the fill! I loved the comparison. Thanks ladies.

  • Thank you for finally posting a cookie vlog, and a big thank you for the recipe in the blog Mindy and Stephanie make a good team they are awesome.

  • I tried to email u many times but I think I’ve got the wrong I.d… Sorry am using this comment bcz I know u will check this
    If ur k with it reply to my comment… If u like… Plz send ur e mail I.D

    • Sorry I forgot to mention about the cookies😅
      Gonna try it asap
      Believe me or not after this only gonna check d vlog… Cz I know ur frnd make awesome cookies(Steph) 😄c gifted cookies to Tyson on his birthday and it looked awesome

      • I used this recipe last year and I love it! It’s tasty and soft and easy! I would like to make lemon sugar cookies this year. I’m wondering if you could suggest a way to modify this recipe? Would you just add lemon zest or would you add lemon juice and zest, or would you use extract?
        Thanks in advance!

  • excited to make these but hoping I can find meringue powder! I have never seen it in Canada…but then I have never looked for it either 🙂

  • Hey , here is inge from Germany 🤗my english is Not so Good, excuse me Please! I see the Binghams 6 months and i mean your are a wonderful Familie i Love our Blog ! Thank you so much!
    I Make the cookies and they are wonderful ! Thanks for this ! My cookies Not so perfekt we Steffs 😙 Thank you Steff for this recept!!!!

  • I have been waiting to try Stephanie’s sugar cookies. About to try and make them. Yeah!!! So excited. They look so good😋

    Ps. I LOVE your blogs/vlogs

  • i love you guys you brighten up my day all day every day, I watch you you youtube videos everyday as soon as they come out. i live in New Zealand so I wont get to see you any time soon. xxxxx

  • Hi Mindy (and Stephanie, sort of). I have my own family recipe for ‘sugar cookies’ that, from what we can tell, has been handed down from my Great Great Grandmother (circa 1888) and has nutmeg in it and they taste amazing. And although I won’t use any other sugar cookie recipe, I have only tried making royal icing ONCE and it wasn’t that great. Usually I only use buttercream on my sugar cookies (and note, I make 13 doz at Christmas) … BUT After watching your vlog, I am very interested and (dare I say) eager to try Steph’s royal icing on my great great grandmother’s cookie recipe to see how they work together. 🙂 My son and his wife are expecting their first child and next week is the gender reveal party, so I’ve decided to make all the guests my test subjects — LOL — I’ll be sure to let you know how they turned out. Please send my thanks to Stephanie (who I now follow on Instagram as well). Thanks

  • is the recipe correct in adding 4 t of baking powder? i read a comment where someone mentioned it should be 1 teaspoon. please advise.

    • I love the way you both have so much fun on your youtube posts! Questinon on Stephs sugar cookies is 4 t baking powder correct? I want to make for Easter. Please let me know. Thanks!

      • Hi, did you ever get a response on the 1tsp verses 4 tsp of baking powder. That would be a problem if incorrect. Thank you Janet (Georgia)

  • Made these for St. Patrick’s Day. They were a huge hit! I added a different extract to the frosting for a new, fun flavor. But changed nothing else. Your description of the frosting consistency helped my cookies to be better looking than they’ve ever been. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Thanks for inspiration to get back to baking sugar cookies. I tried this recipe. The dough came out fluffy and sticky. I’m willing to try again. Do I need to sift the flour? Any suggestions for my next batch?

  • I am looking for the mat she used to roll out the cookies. I noticed it was folded flat. I need this!!

  • I have not tried this recipe, but I wanted to Thank you so much for your interesting and fun video on making these cookies, A very enjoyable video so much that I chose yours above all others. Wish me luck making cookies for my daughter’n law’s baby shower, Twin girls. Theme Two Peas in a Pod, Ideas are surely welcome

  • I tried making this last night and my dough was so sticky and would not keep the shape of the cutters I used. What did I do wrong??? I got so frustrated with it that I just stopped. Please help!

  • I enjoyed your video with Steph making a decorating Valentine cookies. I tried to find her on instagram but the address doesn’t work. Does she have a new Instagram address?

  • These were delicious! We had to use a different icing recipe because I didn’t have all the ingredients on-hand but the dough was fantastic and held its shape very well. Thanks for posting the recipe and decorating tips!

  • How do you get the red icing so red? What brand/and color is that a d how much do you use to get that color?

  • I found your video on YouTube and subscribed straight away!
    I love you and your energy. Can’t wait to try your favorite cookie recipe!!!

  • I just want to tell you that it was my first time making your cookie recipe and royal icing last February 2018. They came out a success. I gave a tray to my church and the Domestic violence for women and children

  • Thanks Steph and Mindy for the silicon roll-out idea. Currently I’m watching the holiday cookie episode of the Binghams: Royal Icing Christmas cookie like a pro.

  • Love this recipe, definitely going to make these sugar cookies! Thanks so much for sharing your time & recipes!!!

  • Hi! The link to this recipe from your youtube video doesn’t work anymore. I still found it but others may not. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Hi there ! I’m so excited to make your recipe with my children for Christmas. I hope they come out as pretty as yours:) thank you for sharing your recipe

  • Tried my hand at these this week. Used all-purpose flour (and yes, 4 tsp. baking powder) and they came out PERFECT. Mind you, I’m no baker – like – at all. Used two 4″ cookie cutter shapes (trees and xmas light bulbs) and two 2.5 cookie cutters (ornaments and snowflakes) and got a whopping 58 cookies out of this. Set them aside for the evening and then the next day, made the royal icing recipe (again, complete newbie here). Watched many videos first for decorating techniques and learned how to add water to adjust the icing batch for “flood/fill” icing. Got a few icing bags, tips and food coloring and got started (expecting a complete disaster to be honest). And I must say that while not perfect – I am so very proud of these cookies. Considering this was my first stab at real baking, I used a toothpick to create marbling effects and then once I got the hang of it, I even did “scene” cookies (with a snowman on a hill, snowflakes in the air and evergreen trees). I can’t believe I did this and they look great lol!! My family was even impressed. Thanks for sharing this recipe Stephanie, and the video which was incredibly helpful for intimidated types like me (afraid to bake)! I’ve always admired these types of cookies but the refrigerating, cooling, refrigerating thing that normally takes place w/sugar cookies seemed daunting for a newbie like me. But this recipe requires none of that … and the cookies didn’t spread at all. SO good. Thank YOU!

  • Mindy, what kind of “black” food coloring did she use? Sometimes the black and red has such horrible tastes. Thanks!

  • Hello,
    We made the sugar cookie recipe and they came out perfect. Where did you get the squeeze bottles? I can’t find them anywhere.

  • Best sugar cookie recipe I have ever tried. Delicious, easy to roll out and very easy to cutout and place on cookie sheet. I loved the 2 videos, the one on how to make Valentine cookies and the Christmas cookies. You have a real talent.

  • Making your sugar cookies for my daughter’s baby shower this weekend! Thank you sooo much for all your help. I love watching your vlogs!
    San Antonio, Texas ❤️

  • Hey guys! Just saw the youtube video and came to check the recipe. Could you tell me how many cookies of medium size (like the ones you guys made) come out of this recipe approximately?

  • Hello:)

    My friend and I are so excited about trying this!

    Where did you say you bought the baking supplies? Specifically, the individual parchment sheets and icing tools


  • Thank you so much for sharing your tips and recipes I am so excited to try your recipe an way of making cookies & I will be sure to show you my finishing results to see if I did anywhere near as good as yours lol lots of love❤️❤️❤️❤️
    -a fan❤️

  • Hi Stephanie! Loved your video and recipe for sugar cookies. What do you use to get the red icing so red? Everytime I try, it comes out looking like pucky pink!!! Please share your secret! Thanks! Just learning!

    • I’m not Stephany, but I find it helps when I use my deep pink (americolor) 1st and then add the red. Does get darker the longer it sits out. Also true with buttercream

  • Hi!
    I’m just beginning to try sugar cookies and royal icing. Can you please tell me the thickness that your roll your cookie dough? Thank you so much! ~Anita

  • This wonderful recipe, Grand Kids = LOVE Our cookies turned out lovely. And tasty. I have been wanting to make these since the first time I saw the vlog. The KIds and I had a ball!!! Please thank Stephanie for sharing. We made some wonderful memories making these cookies.

  • I love your talent! I want to learn how to do this SO badly! I’m excited! I’m 57 with 5 grown kids, 7 grandkids and a 13 year old Daughter 💗. Thank you for sharing your recipes.
    Any pointers for beginners would always be welcomed!

  • Hi Stephanie.
    I was wondering what you think the necessary supplies that are needed to start decorating cookies? There are so many kits out there but I’m not sure where to start. Could you please let me know a list of supplies that you recommend? Thanks so much.
    Tina Moulton

    • We added a FAQ at the bottom of the post with alot of useful information of how to get started!

  • Randomly came across the Christmas cookie video on YouTube. I would like to try this recipe but I’m wondering…is the butter salted or unsalted? I see the recipe calls for salt so I would guess unsalted butter…but I want to make sure. Thanks!

  • So. I followed measurements to the T and the mixture was super soft. Tried putting it in the fridge and nothing. Can you assist? I used the paddle attachment on a kitchen aid. Did i use it at too hig a speed to low a speed? The butter was soft.

  • What do mean with cream?, I’m looking at the recipe but it doesn’t say anything about cream. Like, what type of cream do i need or is it like a type of cream that will be created with the other ingredients?

  • How do you get your black icing so black? Mine always looks like a gray or slate color. I have even added a little red…didn’t help. I love this cookie and icing recipe! So easy to make and work with. I have shared it with many friends. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Hi Steph. You inspired me to make cookies. I totally love your cookies My cookies are spreading and getting too brown. We used degrees celcius. Any tips?

  • Thank you thank you so much for sharing your family recipe! This is by far the Best recipe I have ever used! I LOVE how the cookies come out so soft and moist! Also now I am hooked on Gygi, ummm thx 😉
    My goal is to make a small little cookie business so I can be home with our girls 👏

  • You are very talented. Loved the video you and the other lady (Bingham) i believe work well together. Very entertaining! I am 71 and have always loved the idea of decorating cookies. Wish me luck. I am retired and now have the time. thank you!

  • I’ve learned everything from you! I want to make a much smaller batch. I know you can’t half 3 eggs. But is there a way I can make a 1 egg batch?

  • Hi there,
    Enjoyed your video and I would like yo know if extra icing can be stored for a later time and if so how to store it. Thank you!

  • Hello Steph,
    I am new to decorating with royal icing, used your recipe for cookies and icing. The family loves the flavors. Made some Christmas cookies. Love watching your videos!!

  • I half the recipe every holiday and it works fine. Weigh your bowl zero out your scale and then just crack 3 eggs, whisk them, and half them by what it weighs it always turns out for me

  • Love your videos on making sugar cookies and icing. You make it look so easy but I am going to give it a try.
    Thanks for all your good tips

  • Hi I have a question, I use your recipe for cookies and royal icing. When I leave my cookies out to dry over night.. the icing tends to be more crunchy than I’d like. I didn’t know if you could give me any tips to make the bite so much softer.. Iv seen people use corn syrup to help? Wasn’t sure what I needed to do. I love your recipe by the way ❤️

    • Hi! Royal icing is made to be this way, you may want to try a buttercream frosting. Although they don’t decorate the same, both are great options.

  • I followed your recipe after watching two of your videos. Mixed together beautifully, however, they would not come off of my Silpat cleanly. I used flour on the mat and rolled to about 1/4″. The dough was so soft and my silicone spatula just could not get under the cutouts cleanly. I’m going to try refrigerating the dough for a bit to see if that helps. Could it possibly need more than 4 cups of flour??